Before the Beginning…

Haystack Walk, Canon Beach, Oregon, Taken by Barry Cosme, Copyright (c) 2012, All Rights Reserved

True Unity is infinite and eternal,
without limitation of any kind
and therefore beyond measurement,
without beginning or ending.

Before the beginning
of the first universe
of matter-energy and space-time
there was only Unity.

Within the finite universe
of matter-energy-space-time (MEST)
the infinite and eternal
seems impossible.

Thus within MEST
permanence and continuity
likewise seems impossible
for all matter and energy
have boundaries
where they start and stop
in space and time.

To perceive within
the finite universe,
where everything is limited,
consciousness also
must limit itself.

Limited consciousness,
by definition,
is not fully conscious
but only aware
within a part of space
during a portion of time.

From this limited perspective
impermanence and discontinuity
seem to make loss possible
and thus fear is born.

With loss
comes grief,
and death.

Yet, how can
infinite and
eternal Unity
really become divided
and separated?

That which seemed
to create the impossible
and become impossible itself
beyond all appearances
is still as it always
was, is and will be.

To think that we can have
a relationship outside
of Love
is an illusions,
a fantasy
because the purpose
of relationship
IS Unity.

Not only does the Truth set us free,
understanding Truth
allows us to realize
that the untrue
is a momentary
and minuscule
illusion of existence
which was not,
is not
and never will be.

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