Before the Beginning…

Haystack Walk, Canon Beach, Oregon, Taken by Barry Cosme, Copyright (c) 2012, All Rights Reserved

True Unity is infinite and eternal,
without limitation of any kind
and therefore beyond measurement,
without beginning or ending.

Before the beginning
of the first universe
of matter-energy and space-time
there was only Unity.

Within the finite universe
of matter-energy-space-time (MEST)
the infinite and eternal
seems impossible.

Thus within MEST
permanence and continuity
likewise seems impossible
for all matter and energy
have boundaries
where they start and stop
in space and time.

To perceive within
the finite universe,
where everything is limited,
consciousness also
must limit itself.

Limited consciousness,
by definition,
is not fully conscious
but only aware
within a part of space
during a portion of time.

From this limited perspective
impermanence and discontinuity
seem to make loss possible
and thus fear is born.

With loss
comes grief,
and death.

Yet, how can
infinite and
eternal Unity
really become divided
and separated?

That which seemed
to create the impossible
and become impossible itself
beyond all appearances
is still as it always
was, is and will be.

To think that we can have
a relationship outside
of Love
is an illusions,
a fantasy
because the purpose
of relationship
IS Unity.

Not only does the Truth set us free,
understanding Truth
allows us to realize
that the untrue
is a momentary
and minuscule
illusion of existence
which was not,
is not
and never will be.

The Fall from Unity and the Ascent…

Roman Forum, Rome, Italy, Taken by Barry Cosme, Copyright (c) 2012, All Rights Reserved

Here is an interesting idea:  Instead of the Infinite and Eternal Unity of Love, Let’s make a universe composed of finite parts so that form can exist separate from God and His/Her Children.  Separation is necessary so I can choose parts from which I (this new concept of my-separate-self) will remain distant and parts which will be exclusively mine.

Separation breeds fear of loss in this universe since what I can own exclusively, to the detriment of others, can also be taken by others, to the detriment of me.  Games of seeking such special and exclusive relationships with these parts, loosing them and doing it all over again… with the same of different parts, in the same or different circumstances, with the same or different others, in the same or different ways… can seem to occupy a vast length of time.

In the midst of this madness, a new idea forms.  What if we forgive ourselves and others for the fear and damage that seemed to occur in these games.  This idea is a seed for the recognition that there is something we had forgotten in our lust for things, circumstances and activities.  As this seed grows, we hear the distant call of One that reminds us of the infinite and eternal value of Love and the Unity it creates.



Inside-Out and Backwards

The Peace That Transcends Human Understanding, Christmas Ship Performance, Kirkland, Washington, Taken by Barry Cosme, Copyright (c) 2016, All Rights Reserved

As humans, I believe we see the world somewhat inside-out and backwards.  We tend to conceive of inside as essentially emptiness and at the same time we perceive a vast “reality” outside.

When Jesus proposed the radical idea that the Kingdom of Heaven was within us, I believe he was trying to turn around the way we see ourselves and the world.  If the ultimate reality of the infinite and eternal is within us, then the external world is something less, something temporal and finite.

Unity With Enmity is a Paradox!

Morning Rose, Kirkland, Washington, Taken by Barry Cosme, Copyright (c) 2005, All Rights Reserved

Love involves closeness,
which is an impulse toward unity.
So how do we love All,
even our enemies?
How can love become close
to someone who repels us and others?

Love also involves looking
beyond mere appearances
for the true, the essential, the eternal.
Love beholds
the apparent enemy
and sees the ultimate friend within.

Love draws close
to the love within the other
until eventually
the other beholds their own truth.
Thus is enmity
dispelled by unity.


New Life’s Resolution

Monet’s Water Lilly, Giverny, France, Taken by Barry Cosme, Copyright 2016, All Right Reserved

Instead of a New Year’s Resolution, why not a New Life’s Resolution or a New Resolution of Life?

Find Unity…
with God;
with all people;
with all beings;
with all fauna and flora;
with the Earth;
with all things (sub-atomic through universal in size);
in all arrangements;
in all relationships;
in all thoughts;
in all actions;
in all events;
at all times;
regardless of any apparent loss for, or damage to, self;
regardless of insults received;
regardless of persecution;
regardless of any apparent circumstances or reasons to the contrary.

Virtuality – Virtual Reality

Digital Image – Engagement Ring Eclipse, Madras, Oregon, August 21, 2017, Taken by Barry Cosme, Copyright (c) 2017, All Rights Reserved

In pursuit of the realization of Spirit, let us consider the digital world.  When we watch a movie these days we may be moved to tears or even become awestruck.  Yet, have we considered that what is on the screen is probably based solely upon combinations, arrangements and sequences of zeros (0s) and ones (1s).  These two digits, representing off and on, nothing and something, can be processed by computers to create an illusion so thorough that it may seem like a virtual reality.

This brings up some questions for me.  Given the convincing nature of these illusions, would it be possible to create an illusionary reality that we could not distinguish from the physical/material world that we think of as real?  What if this has already been done?  Could it be that the physical/material world actually is such an illusion?  If we are not able to distinguish between virtuality (virtual reality) and reality, how can we say which is which?  What if the seeming shades of gray and apparent shades of meaning we perceive in the world really just come down to 0s and 1s at a subatomic level?  We perceive all sorts of objects, spaces, energies, etc. yet at its most fundamental level, what if it is an illusion not much different than a superb movie or virtual reality game?  What if all the apparent things, circumstances and event are just combinations, arrangements and sequences of: “thing” (like some ultimate subatomic energy-particle) and “no-thing” (space or void).  That sounds a lot like ones and zeros to me.


Anticipating a Waterway Adventure, Venice, Italy, Taken by Barry Cosme, Copyright (c) 2009, All Rights Reserved

It appears that we have made false distinctions with regard to relationships so that we believe in and see a variety of relationships when if truth there is only one.  Relationship is connection and the essence of connecting is love.  Love is the connector, the connection and the connected.  Each relationship is a reflection of Unity, the relationship of All with All.  When the purpose of relationship is unity, this relationship is a Holy Relationship.  It is Holy because it represents a decision for unity, the oneness of All.  When the purpose of some supposed “relationship” is otherwise, it is an illusion because separation of any sort is not connection, love and/or unity.  These illusions give the impression of degrees of connection and kinds of relationships.