Philosophy Part II – The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth

Juanita Bay Sunset - Kirkland, Washington, Taken by Barry Cosme, Copyright (c) 2006, All Rights Reserved

Juanita Bay Sunset – Kirkland, Washington, Taken by Barry Cosme, Copyright (c) 2006, All Rights Reserved

For an introduction to this, you might find the first blog post in this series interesting, Philosophy Part 1 – Seeing the Wind  (  In that post, I discussed a proof of the existence of non-physical/non-material causes that create physical effects.  While this might seem an extraordinary claim, I think you will find that it is also more commonplace than you might think.  If philosophy is not an interest of yours, I ask your patience here.  Philosophy may require some thoughtful work but I encourage you to finish reading this and think it through; I believe you will find this well worth the effort.  Building upon Part I of this philosophy series, truth (our subject here) is a non-physical concept, not a material thing that can be easily examined.  Therefore, let’s try to at least point toward it from a couple directions to expose some of its secrets.

For truth to be completely true (that is Truth in an absolute sense) it must be consistently true in all places and at all times.  In other words, Truth must be both infinite (all places) and eternal (all times).  To be always consistent, Truth must also be unchanging; it must be uniformly timeless everywhere.  Further, since Truth must be infinite and eternal, it must also be all that exists.  This must be so because, where could something exist beyond the infinite and when could something exist beyond the eternal?  By definition the infinite and eternal are without bounds or limitations of any sort, so the infinite and eternal must be all inclusive.

If Truth is the whole of reality, if it is all that exists, then clearly untruth (lies) cannot exist.  So what are we talking about here?  If Truth is an infinite and eternal reality where distortion of truth is not actually possible, we must be talking about some sort of reality that is far different from the world we know.  In our finite world, where inconsistency seems commonplace, lies seem as real as the separation and isolation that are among their consequences.

The “aha” here is that if the world, as we understand it, is not the Truth, not absolutely consistent in all places and times, then our understanding of reality is flawed.  If the finite physical/material universe as we perceive it is not Truth, then it is false, an illusion that seems real but is not.  While we can disagree with this, while in denial we can thrust our heads into the sand, we cannot come to Truth in such a way.  Moving on toward Truth, takes us to a different reality, an infinite, eternal and absolutely consistent Reality.  This takes us beyond the finite physical world and into the realm of Spirit.

Let’s back up a bit and look at this from another angle.  Maybe you are not sure if you believe in the infinite, the eternal or absolute truth.  Yet if nothing is wholly true, then all must be at least partially distorted and thus not really and fully true at all.  To restate this, if there is no Absolute Truth then there is no real truth at all.  People who accept the physical world before them as absolutely real and therefore the whole of reality, even if they don’t think through the implications, will find themselves plagued by the depressing thoughts, perhaps just beyond their awareness, that if there is no transcendent Truth, there is no certainty nor hope.  However, such incomplete thoughts are a dead end.  These ideas might seem the stuff of depression, yet following them through to their conclusions is quite enlightening and presents the opportunity to make a different choice.

The Infinite and Eternal are the attributes of God, however we might name Him/Her.  Truth is the timeless wisdom of God.  Yet because the Infinite and Eternal is all that exists, we also are not the small separate creatures we seem.  In Reality, we are connected “parts” of this infinite and eternal whole.  “Do you solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God?”  In Reality we can do nothing else, for we can be nothing else.  God said, “I AM” (Exodus 3:14).  We/God ARE the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth.


Being in Unity

(c) Barry Cosme

Backyard Plumeria – Oahu, Hawaii, Taken by Barry Cosme, Copyright (c) 1989, All Rights Reserved

The world we behold
is of our own making,
the facets we embrace…
and also those we reject.
While we are responsible
for our reality
this is not a judgement
upon us individually because,
despite appearances,
in Truth we are One
rather than individuals.

This seems
incomprehensible to us
only because
we see ourselves
as separate beings,
denying our unity,
and placing responsibility
beyond our “self.”
By practicing forgiveness
and laying aside
judgement of “others”
we open the door to Love
and the consciousness
of our Unity.

When this door opens
just a crack,
inspiration is the glimpse
of vision that comes to us.
As we move further into the
gratitude and
appreciation of
this vision and its Source,
joy and aliveness
blossom into creation
and we are drawn into
the embrace of Oneness.